Why Do We Make This Six Month Course?

By joining together our two popular courses Essential Cookery One and Essential Cookery TwoEssential Cooking, not only will you be ready to cook for family and friends, you will also meet the requirements of the six month skills section!
You will receive your Completion Certificate and Assessor's Report at the end of your six month course.

If You're Looking to Achieve Your Six Month Skills Section

Try this fantastic Essential Cooking Parts 1 and 2

The first part of your course will be our best selling Essential Cooking Course. Learners all over the UK enjoy this course with simple, easy to follow recipes, nutritional advice, cooking techniques explained in simple terms and cooking equipment explained.
With knowledge checks along the way to help you remember the tips you've learned and opportunities to produce evidence for your e-DofE account, it is extremely popular with all our U:Bee community.
Essential Cooking Part Two carries on this simple-to-follow cooking course; building your skills and showing you how adaptable core ingredients can be. You will find recipes to enjoy and tips to make you independent when you are cooking for yourself: creating a future of tasty, healthy eating on a budget.
At the end of your six month course you will receive your U:Bee Completion Certificate and Assessor's Report, for your DofE Skills Section.
This course is ideal for anyone with an interest in cooking, becoming more independent and moving on to the next stage of their life, entertaining, nutrition and household budgeting.
Selection of cooking ingredients

Reviews From DofE Participants

who chose Essential Cooking 1+2 for their Skills Section

"I enjoyed learning how to make healthy dishes that are simple and taste good and learning how to be a better person mentally and how to stay motivated to keep up with work. I also learned how to maintain a balanced diet"

I.M. Silver DofE Award Participant

" I enjoyed making different types of dishes. I learned to read the instructions step by step. I learned also knife skills, measurement, and combining ingredients"

G.W. Silver DofE Award Participant

"Great Fun! Learned to use kitchen appliances, time management, healthy eating, measuring and cooking"

I.W. Gold DofE Award Participant

"I learned valuable cooking skills which I will be able to use in university. I also learned how to study effectively and mange my time well using the bonus information provided. I enjoyed making different dishes each week and trying all types of food"

A.P. Gold DofE Award Participant

"I loved this course, the recipes were delicious and it was very helpful, I feel like I’ve learnt a lot. I learned how to make some great meals and many cooking skills which will help me in my future"

RF Gold DofE Award Participant

Doing Your DofE ?

This course meets the standards needed to successfully complete the six month Skills Section of your DofE Programme. Email us if you are choosing this course for your Gold Award and we will send you the extra information you need.

U:Bee Online is an Approved Activity Provider for the skills section of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

Find your approved three and six month courses designed to help you achieve the SKILLS section of the Bronze and Silver Awards.

After finishing your course, you will receive a Personalised Assessor’s Report and a Completion Certificate which is verifiable online.

This course is suitable for a SIX MONTH skills section, to view THREE MONTH courses CLICK HERE

How U:Bee Helps You Achieve Your Skills Section

We want to help you learn new skills. All our courses are written by experts with a passion for their subjects.
This course is delivered over a 6 month period straight to your U:Bee Dashboard, you will be able to learn, enjoy and practice your new skills.
These are the skills that could help you achieve more: start life-long interests, lead to careers or become your new hobby!
With easy and informative new content delivered to you every week, you'll soon see why U:Bee can help you 'be the best you can be'!
Your U:Bee Completion Certificate and Assessor's Report are proof of your achievement.

  • New Course Content Delivered Weekly to Your U:Bee Student Dashboard

  • Videos, Presentations, Quizzes, Interactive Media and Up-To-Date Content

  • Listen to the U:Bee Weekly Podcast. Interviews With People With a Passion to Learn New Skills

  • Enjoy Your Regular Copy of U:Bee Magazine. Interviews, Reviews and Finding Out How Others Have Taken Their Skills to the Next Level

  • Personalised and Verified Completion Certificate and Assessor's Report

  • Need a Shorter Course? Look for three month long courses instead!

  • Value For Money and We Are a Not-For-Profit Company so ALL our Profits go to Help Others Learn New Skills

U:Bee Course Price £95

Includes Six Months of Content in Your U:Bee Dashboard, Free and Low Cost Ideas to Develop Your Skills, Bonus Study Material, Weekly Podcast, BUZZ Online Magazine, U:Bee Verifiable Completion Certificate

Do You Need to Know Your Assessor's Name and Contact Details?

Are you filling in your e-DofE or your Leader needs to know?

If you choose this subject for your Skills Section you will receive a detailed email when joining U:Bee Online but if your teacher or Leader needs details of the Assessor, please email us at [email protected] stating which course you are interested in and we will email you back with all the details you need.