Duke of Edinburgh Award Bronze and Silver Skills Section Online Courses

If you're doing your DofE, you might have found it's difficult to come up with exactly the right choice for your skills section?  You've probably searched the internet and typed,'skills section dofe', and nothing seemed to quite match what you're looking for!

You're looking for something fun, exciting and something that can really help you learn a new skill.  Why not try U:Bee Online Course for DofE Skills Section? All of our three month and six month D of E skills section courses are ready to help you achieve your Bronze Award or Silver Award.

Over the 12 weeks, you will learn exciting and new information about the skills section you have chosen.  All of the U:Bee Online D of E Skills Section courses, follow a trusted and reliable learning method that allows you to enjoy the information.

Over the required timescale for the skills section, you will receive weekly tutorials, downloadable information sheets and lots more.  We always encourage you to get involved in your skill. It's not just about logging on and ticking boxes!  We want to help you achieve your DofE and also learn a new skill.

At the end of the three or six month long D of E skills section course, you will receive a Completion Certificate as well as your Assessor's Report.  This is ready for you to upload to your e-DofE, so you are another step along the road to achieving your Bronze Duke of Edinburgh's Award or your Silver Duke of Edinburgh's Award.

U:Bee Online is a licensed AAP (Approved Activity Provider) for The Duke of Edinburgh's Award. 

Achieve your Bronze Duke of Edinburgh's Award or Silver Duke of Edinburgh's Award by completing the Volunteering, Physical, Expedition and Skills Section of your DofE Programme.     

Looking for DofE skills section activities? Choose one of the U:Bee Online DofE skills section ideas, to complete your 3 month or 6 month skills section, for your Bronze Award or Silver Award and receive your Certificate and Assessor's Report. 

Find Skills Section Courses at www.ubee.org.uk 

Doing Your DofE ?

We are a DofE Approved Activity Provider for the skills section at Bronze and Silver*Level

Find your approved 12 week courses designed to be ability-inclusive and to help you achieve the SKILLS section of the Bronze and Silver Awards
After finishing your course you will receive a Completion Certificate which is verifiable online and a personalised Assessor's Report.

*Silver Award courses are available as course bundles

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About U:Bee Online

We are a Not-For-Profit Company formed by experts in online training solutions.
We hope to encourage young people to learn new skills and be part of their journey to achieve their DofE Award.
We hope that the skills and interests will inspire life-long learning.
Our commitment to helping young people means we donate all our profits (after we've paid our running costs) to charities and individuals who are making a difference in the UK.

Why Choose U:Bee Online?

  • Value For Money

    We work hard to make our courses affordable. By keeping our prices low, we hope all young people will have the opportunity to learn skills with us. We suggest low-cost and no-cost ways to develop your skills.

  • Safe and Secure

    Our online learning solutions provide a safe environment for young people to learn new skills. We use the safest IT solutions and collect minimum data. We do not sell or analyse your data...ever.

  • Perfect For Your DofE

    Our courses are designed to last 12 weeks and follow the requirements of the Skills Section of The Duke of Edinburgh Award Programme. And with a Certificate and Assessor's Report issued on completion....Perfect!

How U:Bee Helps You Achieve Your Skills Section Goals

We want to help you achieve! All our courses are written by experts with a passion for their subject.
Delivered over a three or six month time period straight to your U:Bee Dashboard, you will be able to learn, enjoy and practice your new skills.
These are the skills that could help you achieve more, start life-long interests, lead to careers or become your new hobby!
With easy to understand and informative new content delivered to you every week, you'll soon see why U:Bee can help you 'be the best you can be'!
Your U:Bee Completion Certificate and Assessor's Report are your proof of achievement.

  • New Course Content Delivered Weekly to Your U:Bee Student Dashboard.

  • Listen to the U:Bee Weekly Podcast. Interviews with people with a passion to learn new skills

  • Need a six month course? Look for our course bundles and ask us how you can achieve this.

  • Videos, Presentations, Quizzes, Interactive Media and Up-To-Date Content

  • Enjoy Your Regular Copy of U:Bee BUZZ Magazine. Interviews, Reviews, Finding out how others have taken their skills to the next level.

  • Personalised and Verified Completion Certificate and Assessor's Report

  • Value For Money and We Are a Not-For-Profit Company so ALL our Profits go to Help Others Learn New Skills

U:Bee is A Not-For-Profit Organisation

We Donate All Our Profits to Help Charities Who Are Helping Others

Disasters Emergency Commitee
The Children's Literacy Charity
Concordia Volunteers
The Honeypot Children's Charity
Shine Education Charity

U:Bee Online Limited Is A

CPD Accredited Provider