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Learn from people with a passion for their subjects. All U:Bee Online Courses meet the requirements for the Skills Section for your DofE at Bronze Level. For Silver Level you may need to purchase a Course Bundle.

New skills, new interests, new ideas.

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We are a DofE Approved Activity Provider for the skills section at Bronze and Silver*Level

Find your approved 12 week courses designed to be ability-inclusive and to help you achieve the SKILLS section of the Bronze and Silver Awards
After finishing your course you will receive a Completion Certificate which is verifiable online and a personalised Assessor's Report.

*Silver Award courses are available as course bundles

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How U:Bee Helps You Achieve Your Skills Section Goals

We want to help you achieve! All our courses are written by experts with a passion for their subject.
Delivered over a 12 week time period straight to your U:Bee Dashboard, you will be able to learn, enjoy and practice your new skills.
These are the skills that could help you achieve more, start life-long interests, lead to careers or become your new hobby!
With easy to understand and informative new content delivered to you every week, you'll soon see why U:Bee can help you 'be the best you can be'!
Your U:Bee Completion Certificate and Assessor's Report are your proof of achievement.

  • New Course Content Delivered Weekly to Your U:Bee Student Dashboard.

  • Listen to the U:Bee Weekly Podcast. Interviews with people with a passion to learn new skills

  • Need a six month course? Look for our course bundles and ask us how you can achieve this.

  • Videos, Presentations, Quizzes, Interactive Media and Up-To-Date Content

  • Enjoy Your Regular Copy of U:Bee BUZZ Magazine. Interviews, Reviews, Finding out how others have taken their skills to the next level.

  • Personalised and Verified Completion Certificate and Assessor's Report

  • Value For Money and We Are a Not-For-Profit Company so ALL our Profits go to Help Others Learn New Skills

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The questions people ask most - FAQs

  • Are all the U:Bee Courses suitable for the Skills Section of my DofE Programme?

    Yes! U:Bee Online is an Approved Activity Provider for the Skills Section of your DofE programme. This means U:Bee Online Courses meet the requirements of that section. As with all stages of your DofE, we advise that you should always check with your Leader, Licensed Organisation or Teacher and get their approval

  • How Long Does My Course Last?

    The course content is delivered to your U:Bee Learners Dashboard over 12 weeks. One module per week.

  • Is the cost all inclusive? Do I have to spend more money to complete the course?

    No, you don't need to spend anything else to complete the course. The course will give you lots of ideas about things to do or research but it doesn't mean you have to spend more money.

  • What proof do I have that I have successfully completed my course?

    When you begin your course, you will be provided with the information you need to update your eDofE. Once you have completed the content every week, along with the knowledge check quizzes, you will receive a U:Bee Completion Certificate. These have a checkable number on them, so you can use this as proof you have completed your course successfully. You will also receive a personalised Assessor's Report which you can upload to your eDofE. We will also manually sign off your eDofE section if you would prefer that.

  • Do I need permission to sign up for the course?

    If you are under 16, a nominated parent or guardian must give permission for you to use U:Bee. This is in our terms and conditions.

  • Do you comply with all the latest privacy laws?

    Your privacy and security are top priority for us. Everything we do is based around collecting the minimum information we need to offer our services. We never cross-sell data to other companies. We use best quality solutions to any software we need to use to bring you your U:Bee Course.

  • What charities do you help?

    We are a 'not for profit company'. This means all the profits we make (after our running costs are paid) are donated to charity. The charities we help are involved with education and young people. If you would like to suggest a charity that we could help, please email us.

  • What happens if I change my mind? Can I get my money back?

    Yes, we offer a no questions asked money back guarantee. If you change your mind up to 30 days after purchase, we can refund your money. However, this does mean we can't offer you a completion certificate of any kind.

  • Can I contact you with more questions?

    Yes, of course. Please use the pop-up form at the bottom of this page and one of our course advisors will help you.

U:Bee is A Not-For-Profit Organisation

We Donate All Our Profits to Help Charities Who Are Helping Others

Disasters Emergency Commitee
The Children's Literacy Charity
Concordia Volunteers
The Honeypot Children's Charity
Shine Education Charity