DofE Three Month Skills Section Course - Designing and Building a Website

Get your website online!

Would you like to have your own website?
Maybe you have a subject you'd like to write in detail about or perhaps you are thinking of your own start-up business venture and need to be online?
Technology and the trends in web design change everyday but the only way to get started is to throw yourself into your project!
In this U:Bee three month online course you will learn everything from website structure, design, images, copyrights, domain names, hosting, getting your website found on the search engines and much, much more.
At the end of your course you will receive your U:Bee Completion Certificate and Assessor's Report, ready for you to use to complete your Skills Section.
This course is ideal with anyone with an interest in computing, business, e-commerce and becoming an entrepreneur.
Wireframe design idea on computer

Reviews From DofE Participants

who chose Website Design for their Skills Section

"I really likes making the different pages on the website as it was really fun. I put different animals on all the pages and I also made an intro page. I really liked doing that"

N.G. Silver DofE Award Participant

"I really enjoyed learning new things about building websites and learning about the new languages and words revolved around building a website as it is definitely something new to me"

A.S. Silver DofE Award Participant

"A fun and interactive course that is very informative and takes you through how to build a website step by step

E.W.Silver DofE Award Participant

"I really enjoyed being able to customise my website and just learning how to build one for a topic that I enjoy"

M.G. Bronze DofE Award Participant

"It’s a good presented course. Easy to understand. I learned how can design and make a basic website as well as earn money from doing it. I also learned the benefits of making my own website and the history of websites"

F.S. Bronze DofE Award Participant

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