Comic Collecting and Appreciation. Achieve Your Three Month Skills Section

Superheroes rule the world - well in comics they do!
Thousands of fans flock to comic conventions all around the world! Hoping to find the perfect comic edition to complete their collection or meet the latest actor who has taken on the role of their comic book hero in the cinema.
It all started with the humble cartoon comic book which entered mass circulation back in the 1930's.
In this U:Bee three month course find out all about the history of comics, which are the valuable titles, how to start your own collection, comic art appreciation and how to grade the quality of comics.
At the end of your course you will receive your U:Bee Completion Certificate and Assessors Report for the Three Month Skills Section.
This course is ideal with anyone with an interest in art, building collections or film and tv series.

Reviews From DofE Participants

who chose Comic Appreciation for their Skills Section

"I enjoyed learning about how to grade comics and the history of how they came to be. I really enjoyed learning about comics from other countries, especially Japan. I found this course very useful and have been inspired for my own comic book ideas or to start a collection"

C.S. Silver DofE Award Participant

"I learned the history of Comic books, where to start to begin my own comic collection, how to grade them, and the best way to sell them"

J.R. Silver DofE Award Participant

"My favourite parts of the course was the beginning where each week you would be thought a part of comic book collecting. The key things I have learnt from this course was the management of time as now I find it much more easier to sort my things out also following from the comic book part I have found out how to sell my comic books by checking their conditions and I have made a 5 percent profit on most of my sales"

S.F. Silver DofE Award Participant

"I learnt the skill of comic collecting. I enjoyed learning about the different types of comics, the different comic book writers and illustrators. I learnt where to purchase comics from and how to catalogue the comics, look after them and store them safely"

J.P. Bronze DofE Award Participant

"I really enjoyed learning about the vast variety of comics, I specifically found the specific collecting section really important as it gave me a starting point to be able to collect for myself"

S.H. Bronze DofE Award Participant

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